Breathe Easy

Providence Health Care’s Respiratory Division is one of the strongest academic respiratory programs in Canada. The program offers high-quality heart and lung care services for patients at Mount Saint Joseph Hospital and extended care units at Holy Family Hospital and Youville Residence. Outdated respiratory equipment at these sites needs replacing.

Give the breath of life with a donation to the Breathe Easy Campaign. Contact Janice Waud Loper at 604.806.9351 to learn more. Campaign priorities include:

Homecare Ventilator

Patients requiring long-term breathing support after being discharged can transition from a hospital mechanical ventilators to others ventilators supported in the community or rehabilitation facility. The home care ventilator helps expedite the discharge process to an environment that can better support patients’ ventilation needs. A newer home ventilator is required as the current outdated model is no longer supported by the manufacturer.

Heated Humidity Units

Heated humidity units make a difference to patients with shortness of breath associated with heart and lung conditions and low oxygen levels. They also address underlying lung diseases such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis, and congestive heart failure. Heated humidity units provide oxygen and humidity to patients in acute care medical and surgical units, as well as the Intensive Care Unit and Emergency Department.  While alternative devices can deliver humidified oxygen, oxygen is not heated which leads to patient discomfort. 

For learn more about the Breathe Easy Campaign, contact Janice Waud Loper at 604.806.9351.