Safety & Comfort

Many of the patients and residents we support are frail, vulnerable seniors. Your donation will help buy more essential tools to meet their safety needs, as well as support their personal and emotional comfort. It’s just one of the ways we care for seniors. Call Janice Waud Loper at 604.806.9351 for details about the Safety & Comfort Campaign.

Campaign priorities include:

Custom Fall Mats

Falls can be life-threatening for seniors. Bed-side fall mats offer a safe, no-slip, cushioned surface that helps reduce injuries from a fall. Reflective dots on the mats can be seen in the dark, further helping to keep residents safe.

Specialized Mattress & Overlays

Pressure ulcers are painful and a serious threat to the wellbeing of immobile seniors. Those who are incontinent or have dementia are at higher risk. Specialized mattresses and overlays are used to help ease their pain and discomfort, and to speed wound healing.

Mechanical Floor Lifts

The ability to be transferred from bed to wheelchair is a daily occurrence in extended care, and mechanical lifts are essential to daily care. In addition to transfers, they also support mobility-maintaining exercises that residents can easily and safely perform with a caregiver. Assisted transfers and toileting can also be carried out without the stress and risk of injury associated with manual handling. For staff, the lifts support ergonomic working routines that enable a single nurse to provide first-class care during everyday handling activities such as transfers and toileting.

Quiet Spaces for Family Visits

DSC_0537 cropped.JPGFinding a quiet space in a busy care home can be a challenge. At St. Vincent’s: Langara, three spaces are available to residents and families for private visits or quiet conversations. Donors can help refresh these spaces and make them more welcoming with new furniture, fresh paint and repairs to walls, and other decorative touches. 

Patio Gardens, Fresh Air and Sunshine

Being outdoors is therapeutic for everyone - that includes seniors living in care communities. Your donations to enhance outdoor gardening and patio spaces at Holy Family Hospital will have a positive impact on lives of residents who wish to take part in social activities and programming, or spend peaceful moments in a natural garden setting.

Shower Chair

Newer shower chairs are designed for use by elders who rely on support from a caregiver for commode and showering needs. Right now, an outdated shower chair needs to be replaced. The newer chair will be safer and more comfortable for the resident, as well as ergonomically appropriate for care staff residents.

Bariatric Exercise Stairs

Exercise stairs are regularly used to assess patient mobility. Patients often need to be assessed by a physiotherapist to determine if they can safely use stairs in the home. Some require ongoing training with a specialist to ensure their safety and for strength and endurance training. Assessment and training on the stairs while in the hospital is an important component of discharge planning.

The current staircase at MSJ urgently needs to be replaced. The railing is less secure, particularly for heavier patients who are partial or non-weight bearing on one leg. Physiotherapists sometimes take patients to practice in the hospital’s stairwell. This is not always practical or safe, as large stairwells can be overwhelming for a patient just regaining this mobility skill.

The new staircase will allow safer assessment and training for patients up to 500 lbs and will also serve the needs of physiotherapists in other areas of the hospital.

Transfer Belts

Transfer belts are essential for elders needing assistance to maintain their ability to walk. They are primarily used to provide a safe means of moving/transferring a person from one place to another, to facilitate independence, and also to maintain the dignity of the person being moved/ transferred. Transfer belts also eliminate or minimize risk factors that can lead to caregiver or patient injury.

For more information about the Safety & Comfort Campaign, contact Janice Waud Loper at 604.806.9351.