St. Michael’s Centre

St. Michael’s Centre offers 128 seniors beds for residents and 16 hospice care beds for patients.

Creating a Home in Hospice 

Family lies at the core of the St. Michael's Centre philosophy. The hospice offers patients care, comfort and compassion, and is a place where family can spend final moments together with loved ones. Improvements to the hospice environment are needed to support greater comfort for both patients and families. Call Judy Finch at 604.806.9485 to learn more. 


Kitchen and Dining Area

The hospice kitchen and adjoining dining area serve families who wish to prepare special food for loved ones, or need respite space for themselves. To make the space more functional and welcoming for families, the kitchen will be refreshed with new cabinets, flooring and a fridge. A new table and chairs are needed for the adjoining dining area. Thanks to recent donations partial upgrades have been made including a new stove, venting system and counter top. 

Throughout the Hospice

New flooring and freshly painted walls are needed to reduce the institutional feel of the hospice. To create a warmer, home-like feel, wood grain vinyl flooring will be installed throughout the hospice as well as in each patient's room. The dining area, lounges, patient rooms and corridors will be painted to further enhance a home-like environment.

Patient Rooms

Plans include refreshing patient rooms with the installation of new draperies and bedcovers, as well as ambient lighting and decorative accessories to modernize the appearance of each room.



Visiting families can access three private areas for respite and privacy: the Hospice Living Room, Gerald J. Herkel Library and a solarium overlooking David Gray Park. Refresh plans include décor updates to these rooms, plus new sofas, armchairs, artwork and other homey accents.DSC_0740.JPG