Holy Family Hospital

Holy Family Hospital has 142 beds for extended care residents, and 76 beds for older adults requiring physical rehabilitation. 

You can help care for patients and resident through a donation towards one of our current priorities or campaigns. 

Breathe Easy Campaign

Outdated respiratory equipment is being replaced through the Breathe Easy Campaign. In the extended care unit, nebulizers and portable suction machines are needed to help keep residents airways clear. Nebulizers turn liquid forms of medication into a fine mist inhaled directly into the lungs. Portable suction machines, also known as aspirators, help clear accumulated mucus from the mouths of residents who experience difficulty swallowing. To learn more about other Breathe Easy Campaign needs, call Janice Waud Loper at 604.806.9351.

Safety and Comfort Campaign

Assuring seniors' safety and comfort is just one of the ways "we care for seniors." By supporting our Safety and Comfort Campaign you can help us meet a diverse range of care needs. Currently in the extended care unit (ECU), worn-out dining room tables need to be replaced, as well as chairs in the common areas where residents and families visit.

With recent upgrades to the roof-top patio floor, new outdoor furniture is needed, including tables, chairs and a gazebo, to enhance this outdoor space for residents and family.

There are also the ongoing needs for equipment used everyday including such as pressure-reducing mattresses, wheelchair cushions, and sit-to-stand lifts. Call Janice Waud Loper at 604.806.9351 for a full list of equipment items. 

Tools to Meet the Rehabilitation Challenge

Did you know that Holy Family Hospital is one of the largest referral centres for rehabilitation in BC? The hospital supports older adults recovering from stroke, limb amputation and joint replacements who depend on a team of therapists to help them regain their mobility. Currently treatment mats, and height adjustable therapy tables are needed to support both individual and group therapy sessions. Contact Janice Waud Loper at 604.806.9351 to learn more.


Holy Family Hospital is located at 7801 Argyle Street, Vancouver, BC V5P 3L6

To find out more about Holy Family Hospital, visit www.providencehealthcare.ca.  Make a donation to support Holy Family Hospital now.