Mount Saint Joseph Hospital

MSJ is an acute care community hospital with 101 beds, and 100 extended care beds for seniors.

You can support patient and resident care at MSJ through a donation towards one of our priorities or campaigns.

Isolation/Trauma Room in Emergency

Providing the best possible care for you and your family is a priority for the medical team at Mount Saint Joseph (MSJ) Emergency Department, but the best care must also be delivered in the most appropriate setting. For some patients, this means caring for them in a self-contained room separate from other patients, families and staff.

To make this possible, the MSJ Emergency team needs to create a Isolation/Trauma Room within the busy department. This will be used to diagnose and treat patients showing signs of a serious infectious disease or patients who need immediate intervention for a life-threatening medical condition. To learn more about the Isolation/Trauma Room, call Janice Waud Loper at 604.806.9351 or Angus Ng at 604.877.8335.

JULY 2016 UPDATERead about a recent donation supporting the Isolation / Trauma Room at MSJ.



Breathe Easy Campaign

Outdated respiratory equipment at MSJ is being replaced through the Breathe Easy Campaign.  On the list of equipment needed are a variety of ventilation or “mechanical breathing” devices that include transport and home care ventilators for patients with chronic respiratory conditions, or neuromuscular diseases. To learn more about other Breathe Easy Campaign needs, call Janice Waud Loper at 604.806.9351.

Ophthalmology Research

Retinal specialists at MSJ engage in some of the highest volume of retinal operations in Canada. Research and high-tech equipment are needed to continue exploring new ways to fight retinal disease and improve eyesight for future generations.  Donate now at to support innovative ophthalmology research and equipment purchases, or contact Ann Adams 604.806.9481 for more information.

Safety and Comfort Campaign

Meeting safety and comfort needs is one of the ways Tapestry Foundation cares for seniors. Through the Safety and Comfort Campaign, you can help us meet their diverse care. A number of items are currently needed including mechanical lifts, which enable seniors to be safely and comfortably transferred from bed to wheelchair, as well as exercise stairs, supporting training and therapy for patients’ strength and endurance. Contact Janice Waud Loper to learn more about Safety and Comfort Campaign needs at 604.806.9483.



Mount Saint Joseph Hospital is located at 3080 Prince Edward Street, Vancouver, BC V5T 3N4

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