St. Vincent’s: Langara

Langara offers a home to 197 residents, and specialized mental health services for older adults.

Safety and Comfort Campaign

Meeting the diverse needs of Langara residents is a top priority. Your donations to the Safety and Comfort Campaign will help help to enhance residents' care and well-being.  

Quiet rooms offer a calm space where families can visit with loved ones, or speak privately with medical staff. Three quiet rooms at Langara are in need of upgrades and new furnishings.  Refreshing them through repairs, new furnishings and paint will make a big difference to those who use the rooms regularly.

Replacement of equipment used in the everyday care of residents includes ceiling lifts slings that ensure comfortable, safe transfers from bed to wheelchairs, and specialized split-rail beds that reduce the potential for injuries due to fall.s  Also needed are new privacy curtains in residents rooms, and the replacement of worn out dining room chairs in the dining areas. 

To learn more about other Safety and Comfort Campaign needs, call Janice Waud Loper at 604.806.9351.

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St. Vincent’s: Langara - 255 West 62nd Ave, Vancouver, BC V5X 4V4.

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