Read about the needs and successes of our sites and the impact donors like you have on our seniors' lives.

A New Piano for Langara

image-3.jpgSt. Vincent's: Langara has a new baby grand piano. The much-anticipated arrival of this ebony beauty is thanks to generous contributions supporting the Music Therapy Program.

Still a Song in Her Heart

DSC_0059 Resized_0.JPGRose Cohen has a smile that can light up a room - especially when there’s music.  In moments when she can sing, play a drum, or dance if she can, she is buoyant, carefree and happy.

Giving in Tune with Seniors

Yvonne McGrane and Jean Pearson are remembered as generous contributors who gave often out of deep gratitude for the wonderful care their family members received at St. Vincent’s Hospital.

One Gift To Encourage the Next

Jack Gin’s inspiration to give is equally matched with a competitive spirit striving for the greatest good possible.

Marking a Milestone with a Classic Car

 When you’ve been in business for 50 years, you want to celebrate. What better way to celebrate than by donating a 50-year-old classic car!

Meet the Man Who Restored Our Mustang

Tapestry Foundation’s pony car was not always the gleaming golden beauty that you see today.

Bell Choir Rings In The Tunes

 When it’s time for bell choir practice, every resident has the opportunity to make great music.

At Home In a Garden

Outdoor activities like gardening give Jo Lamb an extra reason to smile.

Jazz Memories

A lifetime of memories and songs at her fingertips, Eve Duke keeps the music of jazz legend Duke Ellington alive.

A Legacy of Love For Others

Mrs. Dolly Lee & Cathy Young _X3C5104_WEB.jpgMrs. Dolly Lee shows that love is everlasting on her 90th birthday.