Planned Giving

Planning a future gift can help you support Tapestry Foundation and reduce the taxes paid by you or your estate.

Note: This information provided about planned giving is general in nature to help facilitate discussions between you and your financial advisor and should not be construed as tax or legal advice.  We recommend you seek independent professional advice before making a significant gift. This will help ensure that your gift is structured with your personal circumstances in mind and that related tax implications have been thoroughly considered.

For more information about planned giving, please call our office at 604.806.9480.


You can make the gift of a lifetime by providing a bequest in your Will to Tapestry Foundation. The process is simple.  Your gift can be either a stated dollar amount (legacy gift) or a percentage of what is left over once you have provided for your family and friends (residual gift).

Many people have intentionally included a “charity child” in their estate plans. If you are dividing your estate into equal portions for each of your children, consider your charity as an additional child. Each child and your charity will be able to receive equal amounts.

For an example of how to word your Will to support Tapestry Foundation for Health Care (our legal name), please click here.

Making a Will ensures that your family or friends are able to understand and follow through with your wishes for your estate. To learn why having an up-to-date Will is important for every adult, please click here.


Choosing to establish a Charitable Remainder Trust or other commercial gift annuity may make good sense for you.

Establishing a Charitable Remainder Trust/commercial gift annuity can result in a win-win for both you and Tapestry Foundation.  A trust can be established with the assistance of a third party, such as an insurance or trust company.

You can then donate cash, securities or property and name Tapestry Foundation as the beneficiary. You, or the person of your choice, can then receive income from the trust.

Eventually, the remainder of the trust principal would be donated to Tapestry Foundation.  However, a tax receipt is issued when the trust is established, based on a calculation of the future value of the gift.


You can build your own legacy with a charitable gift using a new or existing life insurance policy.


Rather than cancel an “old” life insurance policy you no longer need, donate it to Tapestry Foundation.

From that point on, all your future premium payments will qualify for a tax receipt, and the policy value will eventually be paid out to help our patients or residents.


If you purchase a new life insurance policy, you can make Tapestry Foundation the beneficiary, but still retain ownership and control of the policy yourself. Your estate will benefit from the tax savings when the policy is paid out.


Many people are shocked to discover that RRSPs and RRIFs may be taxed heavily after you die.

Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs) and Registered Retirement Income Funds (RRIFs) are taxed at almost 50 percent unless you qualify to roll over your account to a spouse or a financially dependent child.

By designating Tapestry Foundation as the beneficiary of your RRSP/RRIF account, the tax credits resulting from the donation can offset the tax implications.


Giving stock or mutual funds directly to Tapestry Foundation can bring greater tax savings.


A donation of publicly traded securities can lead to savings at tax time.

Capital gains on publicly traded securities are exempt from tax if a direct transfer is made to Tapestry Foundation.  And, these donations also qualify for the regular tax credit.

To make your donation of securities, download this form and send it to Tapestry Foundation. For more information about planned giving, call our office at 604.806.9480.